Career coaching

Get a job you are going to enjoy! Can´t find it? Try career coaching.


Career coaching and guidance focuses mainly on your professional life . It helps overcome the changes and challenges that you or your loved ones face in different phases of the life cycle . Are you not sure where to go to school? Career coaching can be used when choosing secondary school or university. It also offers a new perspective on your strengths and skills and their applicability , regardless of your age or education. We can talk not only about your work-life, future career and how you follow your dreams, but also about how to reconcile it with your family. We can help your children to prepare well for this journey. Coaching is also suitable for professionals (teachers, coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists) who want to devote themselves to the field of career counselling. We were one of the first companies to provide career counselling in the Czech Republic, our team is trained by a number of international experts and we have won several awards.


We can provide all individual counselling online , using Skype or other applications according to your needs. The price of 50 minutes of coaching is 1000 CZK for private individuals. Professionals and clients from companies and organizations pay 1800 CZK.

When to contact us
  • You are looking for a job and you cannot succeed
  • You would like to change the job, but you don't know which way to go
  • You or your child are deciding where to go to secondary school or college
  • You are afraid of the burnout syndrome or you are experiencing it
  • You need to discover your strengths and be able to use them
  • You want to start coaching yourself, or you need supervision
We will help you
  • Find out which job is the perfect match for you
  • Edit CV and cover letter
  • Find out what your strengths are
  • Prepare for an interview or assessment center
  • Choose secondary school or college for you or your child
  • Start your own career in job counselling
Who is your career coach?

You can choose and contact a career coach based on your own decision. Just click on the profile below. You can also order via the online form here.

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