Art Therapy as a Tool for Career Development and Education

Course Dates: 
14.-18.11.204 (on request)
17.-21.3.2025 (on request)

Explore a unique course for career development professionals, teachers, psychologists, coaches and other professionals!


Sign up for an intensive five-day training course that will provide you with a powerful tool of Art Therapy, applicable in personal development, education, career guidance or coaching. The course is based on interactive methods and includes many interesting and practical activities.


What is Art Therapy?

We understand art therapy as a bridge between art, culture or entertainment on the one side, and education, personal growth and career development on the other. On a personal level, art therapy is a link between rational self and the intuition. Art therapy uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. As Mark Savickas says “our clients need help clarifying that the self is a unique story and not simply a list of traits”.

What you´ll get?
  • Range of creative methods including visual art (such as craft, photography, film, collages), drama, music, creative writing, storytelling and other.
  • Set of worksheets for all the activities.
  • Unique training including outdoor creative work in the heart of the city centre.
  • Possibility to try all the techniques yourself, on a voluntary basis (your comfort and positive experience are our priorities).
  • Techniques suitable for different target groups which you can use with children as well as adults.
For whom is the training?
  • For counsellors, coaches, psychologists, teachers...for everyone who wants to get better in their expertise.
  • For those who would like to add more creativity to their work and life.
  • For the professionals who want to help their clients identify strengths, talents and passions.
  • For those who would like to try out new techniques.
  • For everyone who wants to get better knowledge of himself/herself.
  • Neither you nor your clients have to be talented or artists to use the techniques and receive the benefits.

The training will be held in Prague, Czech Republic. Advanced English language knowledge is a must. If you represent a non-profit or educational organization, you may get an Erasmus grant for the admission. Find out how to pay the education from the Erasmus fund in our article here.