Eco-art therapy in education

Course Dates: 
4.-8.11.2024 (on request)
24.-28.3.2025 (on request)

As modern people of the 21st century, can we still draw upon the “wild” nature? And do we have anything to offer in exchange?  


In response, we have developed a training course for all teachers, careers counsellors and other professionals who support people in their development. We will introduce the concepts of eco-psychology and sustainability and show how to use these concepts practically in school teaching and personal development courses.  Our aim is to provoke a discussion about the relationship between modern man and nature, we will talk about the concept of “sustainable well-being” of the individual as well as the whole society.


Over the course of 5 days, we will try out group and individual activities to develop teamwork and communication skills, strengthen self-confidence and self-knowledge, or enhance well-being - all in wild and urban nature. We will play, create, develop all the senses and discuss. We will explore what we can learn about ourselves through experiences in nature and how to build on this for further development.

What you´ll get?
  • Range of creative methods for working with natural resources for groups and individuals.
  • Unique training that links education to sustainability, well-being and personal development.
  • Lots of time spent in wild and urban nature.
  • New energy and for further work.
  • Possibility to try all the techniques yourself, on a voluntary basis (your comfort and positive experience are our priorities).
  • Techniques suitable for different target groups which you can use with children as well as adults.
For whom is the training?
  • For teachers, counsellors, coaches, psychologists... for everyone who wants to get better in their expertise.
  • For managers in education.
  • For those who would like to add more creativity to their work and life.
  • For the professionals who want to help their clients identify strengths, talents and passions.
  • For those who would like to try out new techniques.
  • For everyone who wants to get better knowledge of himself/herself.
  • Neither you nor your clients have to be talented or artists to use the techniques and receive the benefits.

The training will be held in Prague, Czech Republic. Advanced English language knowledge is a must. If you represent a non-profit or educational organization, you may get an Erasmus grant for the admission. Find out how to pay the education from the Erasmus fund in our article here.