Recognition of competences based upon CH-Q method

Course Dates: 
9.-13.12.2024 (on request)
16.-20.12.2025 (on request)

Identify your talents, strengths and passions!


Explore a special training for those who want to unlock their possibilities in career and life. Sign up for an intensive 30-hour (5 days) course based upon the CH-Q method and get a comprehensive tool, which will help you grow and identify your strengths, talents and passions. The training course is based on interactive methods and includes many interesting and practical activities.



  • People who are aware of their competences are able to make realistic plans for their future.
  • Students, unemployed people as well as employees will have a better view of who they are and which career steps they should take.
  • People who use this method are more motivated for work or study.
  • Participants are able to take more conscious career steps and know where their value is.
  • This method helps to unlock the potential of clients and encourages them to take over the responsibility for managing their lives.
What you´ll get?
  • Comprehensive tool for personal development.
  • Better understanding of yourself (or your clients).
  • You’ll identify your competences and get support in life and career decision making.
  • You’ll develop your own career portfolio and get valuable feedback.
  • Fun – it´s not just about listening to a lecturer. We’re using creative techniques like interviews, art techniques, reflection etc.
For whom is the training?
  • For everyone who wants to identify their strengths, talents and passion and to grow.
  • For counsellors, coaches, psychologists, teachers and other professionals.
  • If you are looking for a comprehensive method that is easily adjustable for your own needs.
  • For everyone who wants to get better knowledge of himself/herself.

The training will be held in Prague, Czech Republic. Advanced English language knowledge is a must. If you represent a non-profit or educational organization, you may get an Erasmus grant for the admission. Find out how to pay the education from the Erasmus fund in our article here.